Conversion of Units

February 2010

convert.exe (v. 4.08 – 0,57 MB)
This program is designed to run on Windows and allows the conversion of data between different units. It is an executable program, easy to use, developed by Josh Madison and can be used freely (freeware).
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Tutorials and Computer Programs

August 2009

The programs presented here are divided into two groups: the interactive and non-interactive. The interactive ones do not require any special format for data entry. The data are requested on the screen as the program needs them. The non-interactive programs are a little bit different. It requires data files written in advance and in a [...]

Periodic Table

July 2009 (67 kB)
This is a freeware program that provides general information about the first 103 elements of the Periodic Table. It was developed by Aaron Andersen. Read the file Readme.txt before using the program.
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The Use of Analytical Balance (10,55 MB)
This multimedia application, produced by the Chemkeys team and Apex Digital, describes the care needed to properly operate an analytical balance. It is an application for educational use and can be copied and used for non-profit applications only if all the original files are included in the copy, without modification. The computational [...]

The Use of the SI system (0,76 MB)
The multimedia application “The use of the SI system – the need for standardization of measurements, prepared in” Flash “, describes the units proposed by the International System of Units and demonstrates its applications in chemistry. It is an application for educational use and can be copied and used for non-profit applications only [...]

Quantitative Analysis for Chromatography (4,8 MB)
In the multimedia application “Quantitative Analysis for Chromatography,” thin layer chromatography (TLC) is used as the theme to describe fundamental and experimental concepts, such as the analytical curve and the use of external and internal standards in quantitative analysis, as well as presenting processing of data through the identification and rejection of anomalous [...]

Factorial designs using a PDA with PalmOS platform (0,70 MB)
The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a portable device, has the advantages of a computer and can still become a very useful tool in situations where mobility is required. Applications that use the PalmOS operating system, also have the advantage of being small programs, with optimized instructions. It is known that factorial design is [...]

Printing sheets for graphics – version 4.03

gpaper.exe (384 KB)
Now you can print your own sheets for graphics (20 options). This program is free and of unlimited use. You can use it at home, at school or at work. The author, as a reward for his work, only requires sending a postcard from your geographic region, posted with a pretty stamp for [...]