Agricultural use of sewage sludge: evaluation after Resolution CONAMA No. 375

January 2011


The proper disposal of sewage sludge (SS) interferes, directly or indirectly, in the life of the whole society. In Brazil, the sewage sludge is usually disposed in landfills, when they exist. Besides the high cost, which can represent up to 50% of the cost of operating a sewage treatment plant (STP), the disposal of this [...]

How to do experiments: Research and development in science and industry

June 2010

This is the long awaited new edition of the highly successful book among students and professionals on statistical design. The text treats the most important subjects in this area and now has a more practical format. The chapter dedicated to the response surface methodology deserves special focus as do the sections containing real applications of [...]

Chemistry and mineralogy of soil

November 2009

The Brazilian Society of Soil Science launched, in 2009, during the XXXII CBCS meeting, in Fortaleza, the book “Chemistry and Mineralogy of Soil” in two volumes (Part I – Basics, Part II – Applications), totaling 1380 pages. This book covers a large gap for the lack of basic teaching materials for training in undergraduate and [...]

Methods of Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Modeling

July 2007

This book deals with theoretical methods of quantum mechanics and computer simulation applied to the study of molecular systems. Fourteen topics were chosen to cover as comprehensively as possible, the scientific knowledge of the areas of Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Physics. These topics are presented in the form of independent and supplementary chapters and are [...]

Scientific Writing: The Development of monographs Step by Step

September 2006

This is a book that addresses a very important theme for those who wish to improve communication in technical and scientific texts.
1- Language and Communication – theoretical introduction, as concise as possible.
2- Linguistic diversity: the levels of language – the preparatory phase, which aims to demonstrate the various forms of verbal communication, emphasizing the [...]

Guide to Writing in Portuguese

April 2006

Writing is a skill needed by people in general and particularly those who study or develop academic activities.
To write clearly a logical organization of thought is needed. It is possible to conclude clearly and understandably that without thinking logically it is not possible to write. This means that teaching writing is tantamount to teaching thinking, [...]

Fundamentals of Chromatography

This book contains basic information, theoretical and practical, on chromatographic procedures, techniques that have wide application in chemistry and biochemistry, research and industry. It is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students as an introductory book to chromatographic separation techniques. It can also serve researchers who need to use one of the different modalities [...]

Chemical Analysis of Solid Waste Monitoring and Agricultural Environment Studies

January 2006


The agricultural application of industrial wastes, alone or mixed with other waste or organic substrates, has been evaluated as a possible destination for waste generated in various industrial processes.
Since this important environmental implications, it is necessary to establish reliable analytical protocols for monitoring the deposited waste, the composites formed by mixing it with conditioner [...]

Elementary Quantitative Analytical Chemistry

November 2005

In this book the authors present the basic concepts of classic analytical chemistry related to gravimetric and volumetric methods. The statistical treatment of analytical data is considered separately and discussed in some detail. The experiments include all information necessary for them to be carried out.
All material is devoted to a semester long course so that [...]

Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

February 2004

Over the last thirty years, the perception of human beings on the need to preserve the environment has increased significantly. During this period, Environmental Chemistry is one of the areas of science which has developed to understand the composition and behavior of soil, water and air, the complex interactions between these systems, how they are [...]