Catalysis by Coordination Compounds

Author: Regina Buffon
October 2006

Until 1960, catalysts based on coordination compounds were little used and they were mainly employed on the laboratory scale. Since then, however, there has been a rapid emergence of new catalytic systems, mainly due to developments in Organometalic Chemistry, due in large part to the use of organometallic complexes (and / or coordination compounds) in [...]

The Structure of Silicates

Author: Heloise O. Pastore
October 2002

The silicates are pervasive in nature, from individual groups present in some natural gemstones to the three-dimensional techtosilicates in natural and synthetic zeolites. Zeolites have their most significant applications in gas purification and in the treatment of water for human use (removal of cations and NH4+). Some powder detergents now carry the inscription “contains a [...]

Determination of Chemical Structures

Author: João Carlos de Andrade; Rogério Custodio
March 2000

The interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter is one of the most important aspects of science. Through this interaction we obtain information from the microscopic nature of matter and which speculations and models seeking to predict possible trends to be presented by the substances of interest, known or unknown. Curiously, it is through spectroscopy and [...]