Propolis: Chemical and Biological Correlation

Author: Maria Cristina Marcucci; Ângela Ramalho Custodio
October 2002

Bees are one of the most versatile insects in the world. Known for their societal model, they provide rich natural foods to humans and contribute to the process of pollination of plants. This text will display one of their products, the propolis, which is no longer discarded by beekeepers and started to integrate the context [...]

Chemical Ecology

Author: José Roberto Trigo; Volker Bittrich; Maria do Carmo Amaral; Anita J. Marsaioli
March 2000

This text is intended to convey to readers the sophistication of the chemistry involved in the interaction between the organisms of an ecosystem. Although humans like to attribute to themselves the exclusive use of chemistry, the examples that will be discussed in this section clearly indicate that this concept is far from reality.
ecology, trophic interactions, [...]