Didactic Experiments Using Voltammetric Measurements

Author: João Carlos de Andrade; Audrey de Arruda Falcão; Elaine Castilho Guedes
April 2007

Some analytical techniques, such as voltammetry, are relatively little used in undergraduate experimental disciplines in chemistry (and related sciences), although addressed in theoretical ones. Since, in contrast to what one thinks, voltammetric measurements are still often used in routine analysis, some of the most direct techniques will be highlighted in this text, with suggestions to [...]

Voltametry: Concepts and Techiniques

Author: Luiz Manoel Aleixo
March 2003

This text will introduce the main voltammetric methods of analysis, from its basic aspects to applications in trace analysis. The techniques to be presented are continuous current (polarographic; DC, direct current), sampled direct current (sampled DC), normal pulse (NP, normal pulse), differential pulse and square wave voltammetry. The use of voltammetry in trace analysis is [...]