Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Author: Glaucia M. F. Pinto; Jefferson F. Pinto; Protimu Ltda; Isabel C. S. F. Jardim
April 2006

This work presents a discussion about the characteristics of supercritical fluid extraction, its operational conditions, a comparison with other extraction techniques and analytical applications of this technique. The text shows that a supercritical fluid can be obtained with different substances if they are above their critical point, the critical temperature and critical pressure, which can [...]

Quantitative Analysis by Chromatography

Author: Antônio Luiz Pires Valente; Cássio Ricardo Fares Riedo; Fabio Augusto
October 2003

This is a support text to the Quantitative Analysis by Chromatography multimedia application available in Applications and Programs. As its purpose is to provide the same material in printed form to the reader, this text is more detailed than that presented in the application, although with a smaller number of figures. It is also an [...]

Gas Chromatography: A Course in Slides

Author: Fábio Augusto
July 2000

The separation and analysis of a mixture of volatile substances can be made through Gas Chromatography (GC). The use of this technique requires some care, among them the choice of correct stationary phase (SP) and mobile phase (MP). The temperature must be controlled, to secure the reproducibility of the analysis. These and other critical points [...]