capa-frente1The modality of open education is being adopted strategically to reduce the deficit of teaching personnel in different areas, including chemistry. Because of this, educational materials were developed that aim to collaborate with the General Chemistry courses for Teaching Certificates in Chemistry, to be offered through the System of the Brazilian Open University (BOU). For this purpose, the situation of Education at a Distance (EaD) in some other countries was initially examined, to evaluate the dynamics of this teaching modality in universities considered as references in EaD and to present case studies involving chemistry. A survey was then carried out for Brazil with detailed research involving the BOU, where its situation, from its initial proposal (justification, target public, process of selection of the courses, etc.) up to the dynamics of the Centers of Actual Support of Education where the experimental lessons of chemistry, physics, biology, etc., would be given. Some studies of cases involving courses of chemistry in Brazilian universities have also been presented. However, the majority of the important government approved institutions that offer courses in this modality of education still do not make available complete information, such as curricular planning, course descriptions, the dynamics of the actual sessions, etc. Thus, as a strategy for the present work, we opted to utilize classical General Chemistry experiments (already known in some form) where it was possible to present the theoretical concepts and to provide them on the Internet as supporting material (at http://www.chemkeys.com). All the content was written in a way that the student have an ample vision of the subject, not limited to the experimental description of the practical activities that would be carried out in the Teaching Laboratories.

Text in Portuguese

João Carlos de Andrade
Janaína César