“…With the transfer of material goods, the donor loses them. There exist, however, some intrinsic attributes that cannot be transferred from one individual to another, such as beauty and courage. Knowledge, on the other hand, is something so important that the gods established that the donor can keep it even while giving it away…”

Attributed to Pitagoras of Samos, about 2,500 years ago.

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The ChemKeys site has been available on the web since October 1996. It contains freely available didactic materials and reference texts for the teaching of chemistry and related sciences.  Since the beginning, were available in Portuguese although some of them were also written or translated to Spanish. From now on, articles and didactic materials are accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The articles, all published after appropriate scientific evaluation, give priority to subjects related to the teaching of chemistry for the University level, although articles having contents appropriate to secondary (high) school may also be incorporated into this new site version under certain conditions (see “Be an Author”).

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This new phase of our educational project incorporates the Web 2.0 technology, thus modernizing and updating the content found in the original ChemKeys. All the articles and other didactic materials are now published as edited PDF files under the Creative Commons.

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